who are brandon and angela?


I have always loved photography!

Of course, doesn’t every photographer say that?  Well here is my story…

My first camera was actually found at a construction site and never claimed.  After not being claimed, I decided to put it to good use.  From that point, I started taking pictures of everything!

All my life I have loved the beauty of nature and tried to capture it in photographs. While growing up, my computer was filled with thousands of shots.  My inspiration comes from anything, whether it is an early sunrise on a cool summer morning or the thick frost clinging to trees on a cool winter day.

Today, my computer is still filled with the beauty of nature.  Whenever I have time, I am driving around looking for the perfect shot.  With each season, I explores what nature has to offer.

Most of my work has been taken around Northern Minnesota.  Northern Minnesota has so much to offer, there is no need to travel far for the perfect shot!


All about Brandon...

Names - 
Brandon and Angela

Bemidji, MN

Married - 
July 11, 2009

Call today...

Email: studio711@me.com
Phone #:  218.556.6155
Brandon  and Angela

Brandon is a 5th grade teacher and Angela is a X-RAY Tech.... and of course, photographers!

Favorite Camera:
nikon of course.... are there any others out there?!? 

Favorite Subjects:
Nature, seniors and happy wedding couples!

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Las Vegas... we love it!
Personal Motto:
Your life is beautiful, your pictures should be too!

When Angela and I started taking photos, we would look to nature.  After have success outdoors, people soon asked for pictures of their children, babies, seniors and even weddings!  We were up for the challenge and found we really enjoy that avenue of photography.  There is still nothing better then driving around on a summer evening looking for the perfect shot.  But capturing the perfect kiss at a wedding is magical as well! 

Both Angela and I have full time jobs.    We only have a certain number of sessions we can do per month.  Sometimes, when people call, we have to say no.  Please call in advance!  That is my best advice! 

Funny thing.... we have no studio.  With a name like Studio 711, you would think we have a studio, but we don’t!  So there is no formal photos here.  We like to work outside, in natural light and surroundings. 

If you are looking for traditional photography, we are not your couple.  Look into someone else... honest!  Seniors, we are not going to lay out all your ribbons, jerseys and lettermans jackets and take your picture in the middle.  Sorry!  Instead, we are going to go find old beat up buildings, and take your photos there.  Wedding couples.... we will relax and allow a few formal pictures in the church, but thats it... then the fun begins!